The 5th International Olive Conference



NARC, ICARDA and AARINENA organized the OLIVEBIOTEQ-2014 Conference

in Amman, Jordan

at the Holiday Inn Hotel during the period from 3-6 November 2014.



The following topics were covered by the conference 

Propagation                                                  Genetic resources / Breeding
Biotechnology                                               Biology/Physiology
Harvesting                                                    Planting systems / Pruning
Nutrition                                                       Irrigation / Stress physiology       
Table olives                                                                                                     Pest and disease control
                                                                     Olive oil quality and Healt

                                                     Economics and marketing



The following recommendations were adopted by all participants at the last session:

Ø   Promoting the valorization and preservation of the regional olive germplasm including the centennial genetic resources.

Ø      Improving water use efficiency in olive orchards.

Ø      Improving the productivity of traditional orchards through political and economic measures.

Ø      Improve public awareness to appreciate the difference between virgin olive oils, olive oil and pomace oil.

Ø      The future research should focus on alternate bearing cycle.

Ø      High quality mono - varietal oil production in line with the IOC standards should be promoted.

Ø      Organize promotional campaigns for increasing the consumption of olive oil.




Regional Project

Adaptation to Climate Change in WANA marginal Environments Through sustainable Crop and Livestock Diversification Supported by IFAD, AFESD, IDB and OFID

Workshop on project's final outcomes preparations

2-4 February 2015, Amman , Jordan


a)    Review and finalize the technical report of each country

b)    Review and discuss project's outcomes (Synthesis     reports , guideline manuals booklets, flyers, posters, movies,   etc.) for   each country and develop timeframe for production

c)     Allocate responsibilities for the achievement of project's outcomes

d)     Review the possibilities of conducting scientific conference in 2015

 Participating Countries

Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Palestine, Oman and Yemen


1.   National  Agriculture  Research Center (NARC) , Jordan